To qualify for a Rutgers-sponsored F-1 student visa, you must register for enough credits to qualify for full-time study. Full-time study in our academic summer program is defined as one credit earned for each week of study - for example, 3 credits earned in three weeks, or 6 credits earned in a six-week session.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for the Summer Session vary depending on the offering school, your residency status, and the number of credits you register for. 

Additional Costs to Consider

Health Insurance

$404.00 Insurance + $225.00 Health Services = $629.00



SEVIS administration fee

The Sevis Administration Fee is a $125 fee charged by Rutgers University to offset the high ongoing cost of institutional compliance with SEVIS regulations.


Please refer to individual course materials for fees.


ex. flight, ground transportation costs